The one thing that I truly do hate about how far I went with this website is that I used a TON of JavaScript for no reason other than I was really lazy. And so I have been trying to update my sidebar (which is procedurally generated via JS), but every time I save the file, it goes back to how it was before!!.

Preposterous really...

Written on Mar 17, 2023

Well you seem to have found me

Thanks for stopping by! This is my little corner of the internet that I will be using for several things, like documenting my hobbies, reviewing media I get into/like, and sharing stuff about my OCs and art about them. I'll try to be dilligent about this and hopefully I don't forget to keep up! Also, I have experience in software development written in React and React Native, so I naturally gravitated to this place.

I kind of got inspired to keep a website by the desire to have a place of my own where I can quietly exist. I doubt many people will check this place out, so this is perfect for me to just sit around and muse. Feel free to contact me elsewhere about this site, but here, I simply must vibe.

Written on Feb 4, 2023

To do:

  1. Add art
  2. Build the OCs page
  3. Figure out media responsiveness
  4. Idk fuck around?
  5. I should get into more stuff so I can write more reviews
  6. Oh yeah, fuck, when I have time I should make a "credits" page just in case

Written on Feb 4, 2023